PPJ 2023

What's new in PPJ 2023

The main new features in this PPJ release is adding support for .NET Core and Linux for the PPJ Web and the decoupling of the PPJ code base and Wisej.NET. Now developer can upgrade Wisej.NET independently form the PPJ Web Framework..

.NET Core

PPJ Web applications now can be deployed on .NET Core (6, 7+) and on Linux machines.

NuGet Deployment

The new PPJ 2023 installer now deploys two nuget packages here:

  • %ProgramFiles%\IceTeaGroup\PPJ\Framework\2023\nuget

In this folder you will find PPJ-Web-2023.4.9.2.nupkg and PPJ-WinForms-2023.4.9.2.nupkg. This change is necessary to support multitargeting and .NET Core projects.


We have updated all the PPJ poject and item templates and added the equivalent PPJ Web templates.

Wisej.NET Reference

Wisej.NET 3.2 is now referenced directly from nuget.org. This change allows PPJ Web projects to upgrade or downgrade the Wisej.NET package independently from the PPJ Framework builds.

Fixes and Improvements

We have fixed and consolidate many fixes from the previous versions and included all the latest fixes and improvements that were reported to us. Click on the release notes link next to the build to see the list of public issues.

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