Starting from PPJ Framework 2012 we have added a new NavigationBar control (SalNavigationBar).

It is entirely written in C# and is included in the source code of the PPJ Framework. It is based on original code published by Jacob Mesu and released under the Creative Commons license.

Ice Tea Group has obtained a commercial license to include, modify and redistribute the code. Our version of the code has been modified to integrate with our skinning engine and to support the functionality expected by migrated applications.

It is a complex control and the version we released is a complete implementation of the standard Navigation Bar. It supports our skinning engine and it is fully editable in design mode.

The control is fully editable in design mode. You can add bands, groups and drag child controls on the navigation bar.

All other aspects of the control can be controlled at design time: number of visible bands, icons, bands menu, caption text, left-to-right.

We have implemented the full set of SalNav* functions from Team Developer 6 as part of the PPJ Framework. All the functions are available as

  • Sal.Nav* methods

  • Object Oriented methods on the control itself this.Nav*

  • Methods on the generic SalWindowHandle type: hWnd.Nav*

All SAL events are available as part of the PPJ Framework WindowActions event, in addition to more events that are implemented in the base control.

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