Most of the features in the XSal2 library are implemented in the PPJ.Runtime.XSal assembly. The names of the methods and the classes are unchanged. Static functions are implemented as static methods in the XSal class, therefore what was XSalToolboxCreate() is now XSal.ToolboxCreate().

All XSal2 functions and controls are implemented using .NET native controls. The constants defined in the XSal2 library are converted to enumerations with similar names.

Unsupported Features


XSalMap functionality should be replaced using one of the many Dictionary collections available in the .NET Framework. The XSal implementation was very limited due to constraints in TD and cannot be ported effectively to .NET.


Remoting in XSal is achieved using a proprietary protocol and is not supported in the PPJ. Applications using XSalRemoteObjects should replace XSal code using .NET's native remoting or web services.

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