Desktop (WinForms) applications based on .NET and Visual Studio use a file named App.config to store configuration settings for most things that are configurable.

The PPJ Framework also uses the App.config file to read its settings.

Configuration Tool

All the settings supported by the PPJ Framework can be edited easily using the Configuration Tool provided in the PPJ Utility package.

Skinning Configuration

The skinning engine can be configured by code or entirely from outside the application using the App.config file. For the definition of all the supported settings read the Skinning Support Configuration section.

Reporting Configuration

The default reporting engine as well as engine-specific settings are also stored in App.config. Read the Reporting Support and Configuration section for the description of the supported settings.

SQL Data Sources Configuration

Database settings are in Sql.config but the location of the file can be defined in App.config. Read the SQL Configuration section for the detailed description of all the supported properties.

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