Microsoft Charts

We have included the new Microsoft Chart component (and documentation) to the PPJ Framework distribution to make it easier for developers using migrated applications to use charting. Microsoft acquired the chart control from Dundas and distributes it as a separate installer.

In future builds and releases we may add more integration classes to simplify the porting of old Gupta code that uses the graph classes in SAL.

Using the new Chart control

The first thing to do to use the new chart is to register the component with the Visual Studio toolbox. If you have downloaded and installed the PPJ VisualStudio Integration package, the chart component should have been installed automatically.

To add the control manually, select one of the toolbox tabs, right click and select "Choose Items...", browser to the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll and select the Chart component from System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualizations.Charting

After the control is in the toolbox you can add it to any form as any other control and start using all the powerful features of a modern charting component.

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