The PPJ Framework is not simply a supporting library for ported applications. It is also a complete and mature framework that makes it possible for complex business applications to function correctly using the .NET Framework. It takes the best of both worlds and puts it together. All the controls and classes in the PPJ Framework are directly based on existing .NET classes and controls. Therefore, all the great features that are available to all .NET classes and controls are also available to the ported code.

But the PPJ Framework also adds a lot of functionality (most of it is behind the scenes) and fixes a lot of bugs or incomplete features coming from the .NET Framework. By itself the .NET Framework is not really ready for enterprise level business applications, it needs a lot of additional work to achieve even the most basic functionality that is simply available to SQLWindows/Team Developer developers.

To name a few:

Masked editing, Typed controls, Consistent MDI support, Transparent SQL support, Expression Interpreter, Advanced Tab Control, Advanced Grid Control, Consistent Validation system, DDE Support, Inherited Properties support in the designer, etc. etc.

Ported applications benefit from the improvements in the PPJ Framework without having to modify any line of code. The most important improvements on existing controls are listed in the table below:

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