Unsupported Features

Cross tabs, graphs, lines and boxes, and the SAM_ReportNotify event are not supported.

Cross tabs

Cross tabs must be redesigned by hand because the implementation of cross tabs in Report Builder and Crystal Report are too different.

Lines and Boxes

Unfortunately we do not port lines and boxes because of a bug in Report Builder's COM interface.


The message SAM_ReportNotify cannot be generated because CR.NET doesn't generate runtime events while formatting the report. Usually this can easily be replaced by one of the supported SAM_Report* messages, typically SAM_ReportStart.

SAM_ReportNotify is not supported because the version of Crystal Reports that ships with Visual Studio doesn't generate formatting notifications. In most cases, the code in SAM_ReportNotify can be moved in the other SAM_Report messages.

Null values

Crystal Report doesn't support passing null values to functions, more accurately, CR treats null values as a database engine would and nulls the entire expression. In case the report logic contains a formula that expects a null value, after porting the result of the formula evaluation will always be null.

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