DBP Parameters

The PPJ Framework supports a limited set of the DBP_ parameters that are supported in SAL applications. Most of the database parameters used in the original SQLWindows/Team Developer application correspond to standard ADO.NET properties, or are database-specific parameters that must be configured in the connection string defined in sql.config.

Currently the PPJ Framework supports the following parameters:


Returns the value defined in sql.config for the brand attribute.


Returns the value defined in sql.config for the version attribute.


Returns/Sets the timeout value.


Turns on/off autocommit mode.


Returns/Sets the isolation level string.


Turns on/off result set mode.

Any other parameter is not supported. At runtime, if the application uses an unsupported parameter, a warning will be logged in the output window (if debugging) and in the log file if the application is started with the /log startup argument.

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